Is it that time again? The time for spoilers. Here is the first spoiler: The sunglasses remind me of a pair re received in September 2016, minus the fact these look to be a mix of oval, pentagon, and/or hexagon. I cannot say I am mad at them, there is enough difference between the two. […]

Time for the April 2017 Soltheory box spoilers. And first up, we have the ladies sunglasses. They are a new take on the classic circle sunglasses we see with their pointed edges. I don’t know about you, but the orangey-red one is calling my name, just fire πŸ”₯. Next up, is one of the beauty […]

Edit For those who don’t know, Sol Theory is a sunglasses subscription service, where you choose which one you will receive. It can range from $12.99 to $26.99. You have a choice on if you receive just sunglasses, beauty products with your sunglasses, jewelry with your sunglasses, or double pairs of glasses. For more information […]

Here it is, the sunglasses spoiler. A classic take on the old school aviators. I got to say, I am not mad at it.  And some more….. Then, there is the beauty spoiler….. I think they are trying to say something with the color green πŸ’š πŸΈπŸ€. What do you think? Either way it looks […]

Here it is everybody, the first sneak peeks of the sunglasses 😎 that may be inside the February HERS box. An elegant play on the butterfly style, in my opinion. They certainly bring that certain something to your collection that everybody should have. I am dying for that black pair and the purple tinted glass ones, […]

Becoming a Sol Theory Ambassador: I was asked to become an ambassador for Sol Theory and I decided to accept. Here’s why. I have a huge obsession with makeup and beauty products. And, as you can see from my previous posts, I love receiving monthly subscription service boxes/bags. And, from what I have seen from […]