Got this baby in the mail from Influenster. #contest #complimentary #nosponsored. So, I decide to do an unboxing video with you guys today. For those of you who don’t know, Influenster is a community where you can discover new products, read reviews, and have questions answered. Influenster also sends out VoxBoxes (mostly full-size products) for […]

I have dry skin. And, really bad dry patches. So, I recently bought the Neutrogena Microderm System Kit, which was priced at $22.99 at Ulta. It claims to “even more effective than professional microdermabrasion”. Well, I have never got the real thing done. Never had the money for it. And, for those of you who […]

So, during my daily perusing of Walgreen’s website, I found a new brand that looked interesting. That brand was CYO Makeup. So, I brought some things to test out the brand. Now, I wasn’t able to buy every product they had online, but I was able to get enough to create almost a full face. […]

Let’s start off by saying that I received two of these VividMatte liquid lipsticks from Influenster for free. And that all of my opinions are my own. I was really excited to try them out. The ones I received were #35 Rebel Red and #10 Nude Flush. They are both beautiful and wearable colors. With […]