On April 10, I was talking to a “friend” and this “friend” asked me where have I been. I do what I do best, made a sarcastic joke. I told this “friend” I have been having an intense duel with DD that included mix martial arts, and samurai swords and that I even consider seppuku […]

About a month ago, I was diagnosed with Cognitive Distortion Disorder. I didn’t know what that was or even understand why this doctor was saying I had it. I was confused and scared. And, to be honest, I felt quite alone. So, I did what I do best, I researched it. SO WHAT IS COGNITIVE […]

You use to tell me I was perfect. Your perfect girl, your whole world. When I would cry, you’ll be the one to stay up all night trying to dry my eyes. When people accused me there was nothing to verify, you always took my side. There was nothing to agonize, it was you and […]

I’m holding back my love since it’s painful, staying up late at night writing songs about you. Wondering why you can never stay faithful. Please understand, I just wish to be your angel. I don’t dream of some make believe fairyland. I only want to be special. Why did you have to withdraw from me? […]

​Today, was a good day. I smiled and laughed. Even made it look real. Maybe I perfected this crafted. Or, maybe it’s just getting easier to conceal. You look at me everyday, yet you don’t notice what’s behind my eyes. Can’t you see that I just want to breakaway? See the worry, fear, and agonize. […]

​Sometimes I wonder what I’m missing, then I realized it’s you that’s tripping. Never getting what I’m dissing, because your mind is slipping. Listen. Not to them, to me. To the you, you want to be. Wondering what are your hopes and dreams. Feeling like a left out marine. Forgotten. Unloved. Caught in, the pain, […]