Over the past few years, I have seen some shit (excuse my language, but it’s about to get real). Women have fought so hard together in the PAST. So, what the hell happened. Why do women feel the need to put other women down? And, I don’t mean simple negative comments (if there is such […]

Doomsdays Countdown Starts Now May 1, 2018   There are efficiently 2 weeks (a little more than) to the start of a new journey. And, I use the word start loosely. Or, more in the terms of exercising than for anything else. I have already begun my voyage into the healthy eating lifestyle (I will […]

Let’s talk about Black Friday, Cyber Monday deals. Is the YouTube Beauty community, making us or trying to make us spend money on things that we normally wouldn’t spend money on? I have seen about 5 videos or more of my favorite beauty YouTubers talking about products that I wouldn’t normally buy (don’t get me […]

What is makeup?   Well, that is a difficult question to answer. One of the technical definition is “cosmetics such as lipstick or powder applied to the face, used to enhance or alter the appearance”. However, the word makeup is such a broad term. It does not mean the same thing to everyone. For me makeup […]

First Mac, and now Ofra, Ulta beauty has been stepping up their game lately. Just recently Ulta Beauty released this picture (below) on their social media accounts, along with this message “BEAUTIES! We are SO excited to share this news with you!!! 💖 On April 9th we will officially be live on Ulta.com! 🎉 Thank […]