Hello everyone,

My name is Deliliah “Divinity” Pierson. I am a 25-year old university student. This blog is for me to write about whatever that runs through my head. I have been diagnosed with severe depression and, this is one of the ways I deal with it. What I write MAY not be pretty. It MAY have gore, cussing, death, killing, and sexual themes involved in it. However, not all my work will. Some of the things on here might make no sense to any of you, but, at the same time, hope it can hope someone too. I ask that you please don’t take anything for my page. What I write it personal to me, it shows what/how I feel, and I would greatly appreciate it if my writings (ramblings, stories,poems, &songs) stay on my blog. I post them to share with like mined people, not for someone to steal my work and claim it as their own. Please I ask that you don’t do that, you have know idea what/ (how much) my writings mean to me.

Now for a disclaimer,

Some of this is MAKE BELIEVE. some of this does NOT happen or WILL NOT happen. These are just stories to explain/illustrate my feelings. I DON’T wish death upon no one. I DON’T wish to kill anyone. If you understand the stories I write, then you will know that sometimes we all feel like there is someone else within us that makes us want to do bad things. A different PERSONALITY if you will. And, some of us listen to that PERSONALITY. These stories (and all of my ramblings) are ways for me not to have to listen to it. It is my way of dissuading that PERSONALITY from showing its ugly head.


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