Confessions Of A Fat Introvert: Check Up – Weight Loss

Last month, on 6 of August, I weighed in at 452.9 lbs. On September 4, I weighed in at 442.0. That is a 10.9 lbs lost. Math, lol 😂.

I am extremely happy 😊 and proud😤 of myself. I can see my hard work in action and it makes me want to work harder.

It also makes me want to work smarter. I know there is a lot of things I am not doing that needs to be done. Things that can help me a lot and give me a leg up. But, for now, I am just going to do what I can and I am okay with that. I will move on to the more difficult things when I can.

But, one thing I can say is, at least I am eating better, smarter, and healthier.

I think I confessed enough today. Ja Ne.

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