Depression: Bad Days | Real Talk Tuesday

Does anyone else have bad days? And, I’m not talking about just bad days. I mean bad days that get so bad that all you want to do is lay in bed, gorging on food, and forget everybody else existence.

I have those days. Those days are not pretty. I feel like shit. I act like shit. On those days, I can be mean as I don’t know what. Which is a good thing, seeing as I prefer not to be around people. Food and sad movies/TV shows become my best friend. I feel like I’d rather see someone else life go to hell then think about my shitty life. The only saving grace, is there normally it’s not any junk food in my house to gorge myself on. So, I don’t have to beat myself up about that later on (unlike a couple of days ago).


It comes at the worst possible times. Generally, it doesn’t want to leave before it’s through with you, but by then your mind has been thoroughly fucked with. It leaves you in this constant state of numbness. Until that one thing manages to bring you out. Bring you into the light. And, you’ll have a good day. A wonderful day.



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