Confessions Of A Fat Introvert: Cheating (The Deceitful Truth)

Lately, I have been needing to confess some things, to get them off my chest. I don’t know how to say this, but I have been cheating on my water.

(Pause. I cannot 😂. How many of you thought I was talking about a different type of cheating? Sorry. Let’s continue.)

Don’t get me wrong, I love him but he just doesn’t do anything for me in the taste department. He is to bland. I need more in/from our relationship. So, I may have been secretly seeing (adding) no calorie tea drink mixes to help to spice things up.

However, I just feel like I’m being dishonorable by adding these drink mixes, who say they are “sugar-free”, I am lying to him and myself. We both know that nothing is “sugar-free”.

I feel so wrong. I know he is perfect alone. He tastes fine alone too. I get that also. I have no problem with that and drink plenty of water alone. It is just sometimes I want to taste what I am drinking. What I don’t get is how I can make this relationship work between us without me adding in “sugar”. And, I tried adding fruit, it did nothing for me. Maybe I’m adding the wrong fruit.

Ugh. Help. Somebody. Anybody.

I think I confessed enough today. Ja Ne.

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