Confessions Of A Fat Introvert: Pizza Fiasco

So, I had pizza 🍕 this week and it was delicious 😋. I know I probably, will no probably about it, I should not have had it. But, when you have no food in your refrigerator and your microwave is broken. You tend to buy things you are not supposed to.

This was the first time in months I had pizza 🍕 and my ass paid for it. It was good, I mean really good. But, then my stomach hated me so much. So, I ended up suffering. Catch 22.

If you do not take anything from this post, I do want you to take one thing with you. Prep. Prep. Prep. Prep. It will save your life, time, money and trips to the bathroom 🚽. Hahaha ha😂!

I think I confessed enough today. Ja Ne.

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