The Power of Melanin | Real Talk Tuesday

I have something I wish to say. Something I wish to tell my black sisters. First and foremost, you girls, no women, are beautiful. Drop dead gorgeous. Stunning with your chocolate skin tone, exquisite with that caramel/peanut butter glaze texture adhering your body. My vanilla and deep rich sisters, I haven’t forgotten about either of you. You are just as ravishing as the next and as beautiful as they come. However, that is just the first thing I wanted to say.

More Importantly, or should I say just as important, there is power in our melanin. Our melanin comes with secrets. But, it also comes with strength. It carries with it our ancestors. But, at the same time, the next generation. It holds our culture. Yet, it in turns shows us diversity. We are not just one. We are not just melanin. We are infused with melanin as melanin is infused with us.

There is power in melanin. There is power in us. Be proud of who you are. Be proud of what you look like. Do not be afraid or ashamed to be true to yourself. Show the world who you are.



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