Confessions Of A Fat Introvert: Week Whatever

I know I have been gone a long time. So long I am not even sure what week this is. I been extremely busy with stuff 🧐. Sounds mysterious and mischievous. But, really it’s not. I just been figuring out my schedule and finding out ways to better upload for you guys. 2 blog post, 2 YouTube videos and maybe 2 IGTV vids a week. Is that too much?

My confessions for this week would have to be that I want to go to BeautyCon or Imats or something like them. But, I cannot. It’s not even a money 💵 thing, I mean I don’t have any money to go, but I could possibly find a way around that. My problem is I would not be able to walk around the venue. This events are held in such big, with a capital BIG, venues that I would probably need a wheelchair ♿ and I feel like I would be missing out on something if I go like that. I know people in wheelchairs go, it is just my brain 🧠 being stupid.

So, I decided to reward myself with a trip to one of these events (if possible) each time I hit a milestone in my weight loss journey. Sounds cool 😎, right? It not only gives me motivation to workout but also gives me a reason to money 💵. Killing two birds 🐦 with one stone.

I got 2 important questions. Would any of you like it if I did a live stream of my workouts? Now, I am in NO way a professional or anything like that. It can be like a group workout with friends or something. A way to stay motivated and to encourage each other to keep going. We can even talk about meal plans and preparation or just talk about random things that make it easier/harder for us to lose weight. An online community of real people talking real ish, and being 100% real.


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