“Top” Beauty Brands | Are they Slipping? | Real Talk Tuesday

Recently, I have been wondering about the different “top” beauty brands out on the market and what makes them the best ones. Or, better yet, what makes them the best to people as a consumer.

For instance, I am a huge Kat Von D Beauty fan and I love the quality of the products they come out with. The very fact that their products are also cruelty-free and most of them are vegan, is a plus in my book. If I am looking for a beauty brand that is not afraid to step out of the proverbial box, outside of the norm, KVD Beauty is the brand I bank on. Which is why it is one of my favorite brands. Not to mention, with 30 shades in her liquid foundation, 21 in the concealer, multi-use contour powders, 16 shades of eyebrow pomade, and different types of loose powders. There is something for almost every skin tone.

But, how many brands can we say the same about? Now, this is NOT a post on how beloved KVD is or how good her products and brand is. This is however about OTHER BRANDS NOT LIVING UP TO THEIR HYPE. LIVING UP TO THEIR NAME. AND, COMING THROUGH ON THEIR PROMISES.

The “top” brands we love and spend hundreds of dollars on has been letting us down so far in 2018, at least to me. They are releasing new products that look exactly like existing products. Releases foundations with shade ranges that are laughable. Or, products that are just not worth buying at all.

Now, I am not saying every product is not worth it nor am I saying every brand is releasing these type of products. What I am saying, is the brands that are doing this needs to stop. Do they think we don’t realize what they are doing? Do they think we are stupid enough to keep spending our money?

With so many indie brands coming out and shaking up the beauty market, we have choices. Choices on where we shop. A choice on how much we want to spend. We do not have to take the BS anymore.

Anyway, I have just been wondering these things. Am I alone in my thinking? Do you have any comments on any of this? What is your favorite brand of all time? Leave the answers to these questions in the comments section below.


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