Confessions of a Fat Introvert: Day 91 (Late)

Last week was hard. I have been in one of my moods. You know the moods. The ones where you don’t want to do anything and don’t care about anyone.


So, much so, I almost didn’t write this post.


There is something you guys don’t know about me, yet. I have really bad monthly cycles. So, bad that they lasted for months on end. I am constantly tired and/or moody. But, more importantly, in pain. So, much pain I can barely move.

But, this week I found out I have a cyst going on my ovaries. Right now they think it is benign, but will like to monitor it. They also think it could be the cause of my pain.


I need to concur this before I am able to conquer anything else. This is holding me back. It could be seen as I am using this as a crutch, as an excuse, but I am not. I know what I have to do. Now, i just need my body to follow along.

I think I confessed enough today. Ja Ne.

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