What Happened to Women Empowerment?

Over the past few years, I have seen some shit (excuse my language, but it’s about to get real). Women have fought so hard together in the PAST. So, what the hell happened.

Why do women feel the need to put other women down? And, I don’t mean simple negative comments (if there is such a thing), but full-blown out words to hurt with such  ACCURACY that can cause more deaths than any other method.

We used to band together, but now we fight each other. Segregated by more than a gender. Isolated by our own agenda. There is more to us than our ethnicity, age, sex, sexual preference, or even our income, and education.

“WE ARE WOMEN. Together we can leverage a nation. Separate we are subjected to temptation, looking for our salvation.” DIVINITY

Do you know how many suicides I see about women? And, especially about our little girls. I cannot even begin to tell you. Too many, way too many. And, most of them are because words others say to them. BULLYING. Ten years ago or so, back when I was in high school. Bullying was bad, but now it just seems to be a hundred times worse.

I saw a video a few years back, some of you may have seen it and remember it (I will not name names and the video is probably gone by now), but it was about a young girl, she was talking about how she wanted to die. It was either on YouTube or Facebook.

Do you know what the comments were like? I’ll give you one hint, negative. They were the most disgusting things I have ever seen. “Die”, “No one wants you to live”, “What are you waiting for” and so on. This just hurt me, not only because of the pain this young girl was in but, also for the fact that most of the people making these comments were WOMEN.


And, instead of us being there for them, helping them, we put them down. WHY? What happened to rising together, or falling together? To building each other up.

Am I the only one wondering? Am I the only one concerned?


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