Confessions of A Fat Introvert: Day 84

I still haven’t begun working out.

So, my plans for starting this week went to hell. The people who were supposed to come for the clothes and stuff I was donating, did not come. So, my living room is packed full of boxes and bags. Plus, I found out that my living room is infested with bees. And, I am allergic to bees. There is a beehive or something existing under my balcony or something.

And, I may have not have had the best eating habits this week. Finding ways to eat healthy when you are broke is hard. If you do not have enough money to put groceries in your house, then prepping for meals is out of the question. I tried to pick healthier alternatives, but let’s be real “healthy” is not what most fast food companies and restaurants are worried about.

I will just have to find ways around this little problem of mine, now won’t I. If you guys have any ideas on how to budget shop for healthy food, please sound off in the comment section below. And, if I found out first, well I will keep you all informed.

I think I confessed enough today. Ja Ne.

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  1. Oh no! Sounds like a rough week! When I was living pay check to pay check, I survived off beans, rice, lettuce and tomatoes to keep from eating fast food. Its a cheap meal plan, but it makes for a very bland diet.


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