Confessions of A Fat Introvert: Day 70

It has been a long time since I have confessed my sins. Lol! Sorry, was that too dramatic? No, but really, the last day I posted was day 21. It is now day 70.


My life has been really hectic lately. Theses course that I am taken this semester have been kicking my ass (pardon my language). But, I am almost done with this semester. So, I will be able to focus more on other things.


Which leads me to, what I have recently been doing. And, that is planning my schedule and trying to make everything easier for me. For going to the hospital, writing my blog post and my book (Shh don’t tell anyone just yet. It’s still in the works, but you all will be the first to learn anything about it), to even creating/vlogging my workouts.


Life has just been getting interesting again. I am actually having a lot of fun. I really cannot believe it. But, it is true. Life has finally become something I look forward to again.


I think I confessed enough today. Ja Ne.



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