Beginning May 1st.

Doomsdays Countdown Starts Now

May 1, 2018


There are efficiently 2 weeks (a little more than) to the start of a new journey. And, I use the word start loosely. Or, more in the terms of exercising than for anything else. I have already begun my voyage into the healthy eating lifestyle (I will do a post about what I eat in a day soon with pics/vids). I still haven’t figured out exactly how I will be working out. Or, what exercises I will be doing, but I figured maybe there is a YouTube video out there that can get me start, no, get me moving enough that walking is no longer such a hassle.

Some of you may ask, “why are you not starting now?”, or “why have you not started already?” Well, the answer is easy and probably not what you think. The room that I will be using, my front/living room is full. Is it packed full of boxes, suitcases, little knick-knacks, and the likes. I need to clear some space for me to be able to use the room. So, most of the stuff that we do not want anymore are going to the Goodwill or the Salvation Army, basically everything in the room. Thus, taking a lot of time to clear out the room. However, we are all most finish. And, in just a few weeks we can begin. YAY! I’m excited.


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