Box Braids Using the Rubber Band Method

So, yesterday I decided to try my hand at doing the box braid rubber band method. I want to see how easy it is for someone who does not really know how to braid. Now, I have not tried to do this myself yet, but instead had a friend do it for me. I have had this method done twice now, and both times something different happened.

The first time this was done to my hair, we (me and my friend) used the clear rubber bands. The clear rubber bands are supposed to be more gentle on your natural hair. However, this is where we encounter the first problem. Since, the clear rubber bands as so gentle, they break easily and do not grip your hair tight enough for your box braids to last. So, in using them, my hair looked okay in the beginning, but after a couple of days they started to look raggedy. I also realized that the rubber bands were breaking and sticking out of the top of my braids.

The second time my friend did this method, we decided to use the standard black rubber bands, but to only loop around 3-4 times. Tight enough that I wouldn’t have to worry about my hair coming out easily, but not so tight that I felt like my head was going to explode. The only problem with using the black rubber bands is that they are supposedly not good for people with natural hair. However, by using them my hair was able to lasted longer and look better. And, since we did not wrap the rubber bands to tightly, I did not have any problems with a tender head or sleeping.

So, that brings us to where we are now. Me trying this technique out by myself.

In the video (below), I try my best to explain/walk-through what I am doing. I started off with clean hair. I used the (SheaMoisture Mongongo & Hemp Seed Oils High Porosity Moisture-Seal Shampoo) and the (L’Oreal Paris Elvive Total Repair 5 Damage-Erasing Balm). I did blow dry my hair (Silk Elements MegaSilk Heat Protection Spray) first, since it is easier for me to work with my hair like this. I will also be using black rubber bands (I did not have the clear ones, plus I like how the black ones looked overall). I will just stop talking and let you watch.


So, the main question is are they easy for a novice to do. Yes, they are. Since, all your hair is in a rubber band, it is easy for you to grip the hair and make the braids as tight as you want them without having to worry about not getting the faux hair to your root. That was my main concern, but it was quite easy for me to do. (It took my approximately *hours to do them), but I believe that it could be done faster if you are already comfortable with braiding. I have carpal tunnel, so I took breaks. They may not look like a professional did them (I mean come on they are probably not even even), but they look good if I do say so myself. I would definitely recommend people to try this out for themselves. It saves you money and they are not that hard to do. If you have the time, then you are halfway done. This style is DIVINITY APPROVED!


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