Black Friday. Cyber Monday. Rant.

Let’s talk about Black Friday, Cyber Monday deals.

Is the YouTube Beauty community, making us or trying to make us spend money on things that we normally wouldn’t spend money on? I have seen about 5 videos or more of my favorite beauty YouTubers talking about products that I wouldn’t normally buy (don’t get me wrong some of the product I was like hunty, I need those in my life (problems of a makeup addict) But most were too expensive for me to purchase even at a discount.) But because it’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday, I feel they are pushing products that are extremely expensive (to the average person of course). My question is how much of the products they are talking about a paid promotion? If another YouTuber talks about the Guerlain gold primer or the Sisley primer, you know the one that’s like $200, I might just go a little insane. My point is, are we just buy things because our favorite tuber said so. Because they said it was good, so we should run out and buy it. I know I do just that. I see such and such say that a product looks amazing on her skin tone or it makes her skin care regimen the bomb, I’m like I need that in my life. But, my wallets like, you a broke ish and cannot afford to buy anything. So, why did you just drop $200 on shit you already have. That eyeshadow palette you just bought looks just like the one in your makeup drawer that you haven’t touched in months. That new nude lipstick you just got is exactly the same as the one you are wearing right now. No, the shade is not slightly different from it, stop trying to justify buying it.

My advice to you is if you are going to spend money this holiday, buy replacement products and maybe 1 or 2 new things to try. Don’t waste your money on something you may not even like.

Rant over.



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