CYO Makeup

So, during my daily perusing of Walgreen’s website, I found a new brand that looked interesting. That brand was CYO Makeup. So, I brought some things to test out the brand. Now, I wasn’t able to buy every product they had online, but I was able to get enough to create almost a full face.



Products (and Details):

The Eyeshadow Palette (Rainbow Warrior) in Pack a Punch, $7.50: “All eyes on you. Super versatile shadows that are set to stay. The palette features 8 velvety shadows, an eye primer and 3 light reflecting metallic creams to softly illuminate your lids. A range of finishes let you define, shade, contour and highlight your way to endless looks that take you from daytime to playtime”.


While, the colors aren’t anything I haven’t seen before, the colors within the palette are nice everyday shades. The pigmentation is okay, not bad, just okay. It’s just you got to work for it to show up (at least on my skin tone). However, I would say that the gold cream shade, while sheer is absolute gorgeous. If this wasn’t a cream shade and you put down a base color first, then this shade would be out of this world. Also, I don’t feel like the mattes are velvety as the claims say, they are chalky to me. I wouldn’t buy another one of these eyeshadow palettes, unless the fix/change the formula.

The Metallic Liquid Lipstick (Magalasting Shine) in shade Dial 911, $6: “Explosive metallic color with effortless application. A silky smooth formula with added vanilla fragrance. Pout perfect for up to 12 hours”.


First off, this is just a liquid lipstick, it is not a MATTE liquid lipstick. I admit that I brought this thinking it was. Now that, that is out of the way. This is so beautiful. The pigmentation is amazing and vibrant. To me this is more of a very pigment gloss, than a liquid lipstick. However, it is not goopy or sticky. This isn’t going to last a long time, but while it’s there you are going to love it. Also, it makes your lips look so plump. I would definitely be purchasing more shades.

The Illuminating Mixing Cream (Turn on The Light) in shade Raise a Glass, $5.50: “Turns up illuminations or sunkissed-ness to pimp foundation, serum, moisturizer & even bare faces. Gives good shimmer (glow-y, not glitter-y) to look lit-from-within in a bronze or shimmery, strobe-y way. Facts? Formulas are high on pearl and low on sparkle for results that are more inner light. Less shine all night. Tired looking skin in need of a reboot? It’s all yours. Where to use? You choose”.


When I first tried this, I was quite skeptical. It was just so white. It didn’t look like had any luminosity to it and that it would be too light for my skin tone. But, after I blended it in, that all changed. Talk about shinning bright like a diamond or should I say galaxy. I would purchase this again and I can’t wait to try the other shade.

The Long Lasting Foundation (Lifeproof) in shade 113, $7: “Creamy, lightweight foundation that really goes the distance. Smudge and transfer free, this formula will leave skin looking fresh and flawless around the clock, without the cake-y feeling (ugh). 15 medium coverage shades are available, buildable and comfortable to wear, virtually everyone can get in on the action”.




I am not sure how I feel about this foundation yet. I have tried it three times, and those three times I had different impressions. One day I like how it turned out, but the next time I used it, I hated it, and the last time I tried this out I was greatly confused. In some places, it looked okay, but others weird. It could have been the primer or the mixture of products I used on top of it. Whatever it was it just didn’t turn out so good. As of right now, I wouldn’t purchase it again. However, I am willing to try this out until I get a definitive answer.

The Powder Blush (Crush on Blush) in shade Strong Words, $3: “Blush to amplify your cheeks! This blusher gives skin a vivid pop of color, for a luminous and radiant finish that’s here to stay. The formula is easily buildable and effortlessly blendable for an easy way to sculpt your look”.


This is super pigmented. A little really does go a long way. When I first applied this, it quickly went to clown face. That might be a problem for some. It has a smooth texture and goes on easily. So, there is no need to dip your brush in multiple times. I would definitely be purchasing more shades

And, the Fixing Powder (All Set) in “shade” Clear, $5: “Translucent, weightless powder to prevent makeup from melting away. Suitable for all skin tones, this powder sets your face to extend the wear of your makeup without making it look dull or flat. Minimizes shine and visibly reduces the look of pores and imperfections. This is an essential that’s here to stay”.



This is another product I am not sure about. When I put it on, I had no problems with it. It is finely milled, and truly translucent. But, in flash photos, it makes my foundation look lighter than what I see in person. Now, I could be one of those people who don’t know how to shade match, but even if that was so, the foundation wouldn’t look to be my color in real life, but another when pictures are taken unless the flash back was real strong. I am going to keep this because of the fact it is a nice powder, but I would take pictures with it and I don’t think I would purchase this again.


Overall Thoughts:

There is nothing special about the packaging, it is just simple. Now, I am not saying that it is a bad thing, I am just stating a fact. The lettering is decently sized for easy read. And, everything (but the shade name which is written on the label) is written on the product. For the price, I would say that everything has a decent amount of product. For example, the metallic liquid lipstick has .21 fl. Oz., while Ofra Cosmetics Metallic Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick has .21 fl. Oz. and Nyx Cosmetics Liquid Suede Metallic Cream Lipstick had .13 fl. oz., And, the foundation has 1 fl. oz., which is normal for a foundation. The wear time for these products is normal for a typical day, about 4-5 hours minus the liquid lipstick. Out of the 6 products I bought, I would only repurchase 3 of them. Nonetheless, I am willing to try out more from the CYO brand.


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