July Boxycharm: Is It Worth It?


I know I have been slacking for the past few months. But, I am better now and to kick us off will be the review for July Boxycharm.






Blank Cosmetics: Electric Eyes Palette. “ This palette features a combination of five highly pigmented jewel-tone eyeshadows. The shades beautifully pair together to give you a gorgeous, golden eye look. This formula blends effortlessly, and is long-lasting”.


Can I just say this is an amazing palette? The eyeshadows are extremely pigmented and blend like a dream. I was able to get 3 swatches with only going in the palette once. The eye looks I was able to create with this eyeshadow palette, all came out just beautifully done. The only problem I for see some having with this is the price. But, it is so worth it, in my opinion.

Colour-Pop: Ultra Satin Lip in shade Lock Diary – “High pigmentation and a satin-matte finish in liquid lipstick form to keep your lips soft and comfy all day long”.


I actually already had this product, so I have used it for quite some time. This liquid lipstick is the perfect pink shade for my skin tone. Now, I am not normally one for pink lipstick but I love how this made my skin tone pop. And, the feel of this is super light-weight and feels like nothing on the lips. It lasted for about 5-6 hours on me, which is a good amount of time. Plus, it’s only $6. Definitely a win in my book.

BareMinerals: Invisible Light Translucent Powder Duo – “ This silky and ultra-fine combination of setting powder and finishing powder instantly vanishes on all skin tones. Enjoy an even, long-lasting, natural looking, luminous complexion”.


I am so torn between loving this product and hating it. The way this makes your foundation look all smooth and complete, it’s just perfect. Or it would have been if not for the flash back. I mean the flash back is real and it isn’t taking no prisoners. I damn near scared myself 😱 throw silly when looking back at the pictures. Everything looked so good too, and I was ready to give this 10 out of 10 stars, but this throws me for a loop and brought me back again. For that reason, this is not worth its price. I am happy to have it, but I would not purchase this or use it at night.

Winky Lux: Uni-Brow Universal Eyebrow Pencil – “One brow pencil to rule them all! Simplify your brow game with this two-step pencil. Its firm texture gives maximum control so anyone can be a brow boss”.

Credit to whom it belongs to.

I going to be completely honest here, I did not try this. I do not like the eyebrow pencils that are kind of triangle shape. I don’t get how they work. I am still a noob when it comes to brows and the triangle shape makes it even harder for me to do my brows.

Project Beauty: Spray. Set. Go. Makeup Setting Spray – ” Keep your makeup fresh all day long. Just Spray, Set, & Go! You’ve got this gorgeous!”.


Now, I like this just fine. It keeps my makeup in place and does a good job blending the powder. That being said, I don’t like the spray on this thing. For $32, you’ll think they would have a setting spray that didn’t drench your face. I am going to use this up and just move on to another setting spray.

Overall, do I think this is worth $21, yes I do, but just barely. While the Blinc eyeshadow palette is worth that alone to me. I feel like the other products were not worth getting in the July box. While, I am happy that I got to try them (minus the one I already had), but I highly doubt that I would purchase them, or even use some of them again. Not counting the Colour Pop liquid lipstick, I will only truly enjoy using one product.

Let’s just hope next months is better. The sneak peeks look good though.


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