Sigma – Brilliant and Spellbinding Eye Shadow Palette

Recently, during the annual Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I bought the Sigma – Brilliant and Spellbinding Eye Shadow Palette. The colors just drew me in. The palette looks to be a perfect everyday eyeshadow palette.

However, that is when we get to the problems. These eyeshadows don’t look the same way they do in the palette when you put them on your eyes. It could be that I have a deeper skin tone. But, even so, they shouldn’t blur out into nothing or look lighter/darker than what is shown. I expected more from Sigma, but then again, I have never tried any of their eyeshadows before.

Was I able to create a look with this palette, the answer is yes (pictured below). Are there some good shades in this palette, yes. However, I shouldn’t need to work so hard to get the look I want. What I mean by that is when I was trying to build up the eyeshadows, they just look powdery and uneven. I even tried spraying my brush, which finally worked, but not as much as you would think. I, also, tried blocking out my eyelids with concealer or a white base and got the same results.

For instance, the swatches (pictured below) were vibrant and beautiful, but when put on to the eyes, they were duller and not showing the same color. It just gives more of a wash of the color. And, you have to really pack it on, which doesn’t give you the best application.

First Row
Second Row
Third Row

Overall, would I recommend this palette, no I would not. Am I happy to have it, yes. I am happy that I was able to try out Sigma’s eyeshadows. I just don’t see myself reaching for it over my other palettes.


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