Talk about late. Sorry. But, if you want to still know my thoughts on the March Sol Theory Box, well keep reading.

For those who don’t know, Sol Theory is a sunglasses subscription service, where you choose which one you will receive. It can range from $12.99 to $26.99. You have a choice on if you receive just sunglasses, beauty products with your sunglasses, jewelry with your sunglasses, or double pairs of glasses. For more information on Sol Theory check out my last post or here.

The Sunglasses

They were a classic take on the old Aviator style sunglasses. Like all (at least the ones I have received) of Sol Theory sunglasses, this one was also very well made. They fit my face extremely well, and, didn’t look to big or small. If I saw these in the store, I would pick them up after a second look.

Beauty Products

J. Cat Beauty Fab Five Eye Shadow Palette in FES 109 Jaded Wasteland. Complete your eyes with J. Cat Beauty’s Fab Five Eye Shadow Palette that harmonizes not only in color, but in texture! All sets consist of color granulated from minerals with a cashmere touch and blends like a dream. Each hue fits the other in every and any way that you pair it. Create a flawless finish with this natural, mineral-based eye shadow!



This is not a bad eyeshadow palette at all. I had to work with it a bit, but I was able to create an amazing look with it (plus some other shadows). Some shades are more brown girl friendly then others. But, overall it was worth it for its price point. Meaning, if I brought this I wouldn’t be mad that I did.

Karamelz Shop Aurora’s Aroma Intergalactic Bath Bomb

• Handmade item

• Materials: sweet almond oil, citric acid, corn starch


I absolutely love this. The smell is amazing and the colors are vibrant and bright.

French Clay & Eucalyptus Facial Mask.
Ingredients: pure French green clay, water, almond oil, and essential oils.


Not much on this other then the ingredients. However, the ingredients tells a lot. For instance, there is nothing bad in this mask for your face (unless you are allergic to one of them). I had no reaction to it. It left my face feeling smooth. A negative would be that this mask gets tight, I mean real tight.


Was this box worth its price point? Yes. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I love my sunglasses, they may not be the favorite ones I have received, but they fit my face very well. The eyeshadow palette made me get out of my comfort zone and play more with green eyeshadows. The bath bomb smelled heavenly. And, the mask was a plus to add to my routine.


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