Sol Theory – April Spoilers

Time for the April 2017 Soltheory box spoilers.

And first up, we have the ladies sunglasses. They are a new take on the classic circle sunglasses we see with their pointed edges.

I don’t know about you, but the orangey-red one is calling my name, just fire 🔥.

Next up, is one of the beauty products that will be in the HERS + Beauty box.

This Beauty Creations Cosmetics – Exposed Blush, Bronzer & Highlighter Palette is to die for (not literally). It comes with, what look likes, 2 blush shades (a red one & a lite pink one), 1 contour shade, and 1 highlighter.

Here comes another sunglasses possibility. 

And, this one is a double decker. Same type of design on the outside as the first, however, inside (the actual sunglasses part) is just your typical rounded sunglasses. 


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