Mac Cosmetics Coming to A Ulta Beauty Near You

In recent news, Mac Cosmetics released a video on their Instagram and Facebook page saying Mac at Ulta. Nothing else, just that. All I can say is, what, when, where, why. And, is Ulta going to carry the limited edition and holiday collection products. I mean these are questions, we as consumers, need to know. So, lets start with the what.

What is Ulta going to be carrying?

Well according to WWD, “the brand’s landmark Studio Fix Fluid and Powder foundation along with Studio Waterweight, Prolongwear Nourishing Waterproof foundation and Next to Nothing, which will be launched in April. The Studio Fix array of 53 shades has been edited for Ulta. The other pillar is lip color, led by the $17 lipstick, which is usually marketed in up to 140 shades, followed by the $16 Lipglass and $21 Liptensity, a new, high-pigment coloring that was launched in September. Retromatte, a liquid product, rounds out the lip assortment”.

When is Mac coming to Ulta?

On the Ulta website, it says you can browse online starting on April 23, 2017 and shop online May 7, 2017. DO NOT quote me on this, but some articles and blogs are saying that by June it will be in stores.

Where is it going to be on sale at?

As stated above, it will be both online and in stores. According to WWD, by June25 stores should be open/opening, and by the end of the year, MAC is expected to be in more than 100 Ulta stores. It will “occupy 200 square feet per store and the product assortment will be limited to 600 stockkeeping units, Buglisi Weiler said. While that number is on a par with Ulta’s big makeup brands — Lancôme, Urban Decay and Clinique — it is a smaller total than the roughly 1,200 sku’s MAC has in departments stores and the 1,500 sku’s in its own brand boutiques. Simon said the Ulta curation represents about 45 percent of MAC’s product universe and the individual items were picked in close collaboration between brand and store, playing to MAC’s heritage and Ulta’s penchant for crisp editing”.

Why is Mac and Ulta doing this?

Basically, it is because, MAC is trying to reach a different audience and also increase sales and Ulta is trying to appease its customers, according to WWD. Basically, Ulta is going to introduce new customers to MAC and MAC is going to bring new customers to Ulta.


This is extremely exciting. One of the main reason customers love Ulta (and Sephora) so much is being able to just walk into a store, browse and swatch to one’s heart is content. And, now we have the opportunity to do that with Mac products and so much more. With Mac coming to Ulta, we can use or Ulta Rewards to purchase anything (within the store) that we want. I for one cannot wait for this moment to happen.


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