February’s Boxycharm: Is It Worth It?

​What is Boxycharm? For those that do not know, Boxycharm is a $21 monthly subscription service (with an average of $100+ value), created by Yosef Martin. Each month you will receive 4 to 5 (sometimes 6, which can be a sample) full-size products.

 This month’s theme was Galentine….

What I Received:

For the month of January, I received the Royal & Langnickel Omnia Eye Kit, retail at $29.98, 2 Makeup Geek Eyeshadows Pans in shade Sensuous and Unexpected, Retail at $6 a piece, the RealHer Moisturizing Lipstick in shade deep mauve retail at $18, the Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion, retail at $79, and the Small Z Palette by Z Palette, retail at $14. All were full-size items.

The Products (description courtesy of Boxycharm):

Royal & Langnickel Omnia Eye Kit –OMNIA Gold and Rose Gold Brushes were developed with the natural hair purist in mind and features meticulously selected natural hair of the finest quality for impeccable performance. This luxurious hair allows the artist to precisely deposit powder product to specific areas of the face, and allows for perfect absorbency and release for every application wether powder, liquid or cream product. 

Yes, please! These eyeshadow brushes worked amazing. I used them for multiple purpose. I used the bigger, fluffier one to pack eyeshadow on the lid, blend out my eyeshadow, and even as a crease brush. All three ways seem to work perfectly fine for me. The smaller one, I mainly use for under the eye and for the inner corner. Both works wonders.


2 Makeup Geek Eyeshadows Pans in shades Sensuous & Unexpected – A highly-pigmented, high-end shadow for half the price without sacrificing quality. This makeup Geek eyeshadow can be used alone or placed in a Z Palette to build your own custom palette. These buttery, smooth shadows are cruelty-free! 

I have tried Makeup Geek eyeshadows before, just 1 or 2 that I believe that I also received in a Boxycharm box. And, just like them, these were stunning. They are worth the hype they seem to be getting in the beauty community. The pigmentation is there in just one or two swipes of your brush, and I am only saying 2 swipes because it depends one what shade you get and your skin tone.


RealHer Moisturizing Lipstick in shade Deep Mauve (Girl Power) – Achieve kissably soft lips with our uber awesome satin moisturizing lipstick enriched with shea butter, jojoba seed oil, aloe vera and vitamin E. Features a creamy satin finish that looks between a matte and a gloss.

This lipstick is a toss up. In one way, I’m absolutely in love with it. It does everything it claims to do. It’s pigmented, even on my already pigmented lips. Moisturizing to a fault, which is never truly a problem when you have dry lips like me. I even wore this to a job interview because it is the perfect nude/everyday color for my skin tone. Not to mention, the color fades off very evenly, and in my book that’s a plus. However, it doesn’t last very long on my lips. I may be able to wear it for 1 to 2 hour max. And, for the price, I just don’t see it being something I want to buy.  But, I cannot say I don’t enjoy it.


Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion Age Defying Exfoliator – Get a youthful glow with this microdermabrasion solution. This formula contains aluminum oxide crystals, lactic acid, and soothing botanicals to polish away dead skin cells, provide a radiant, healthy look, and smooth skin’s texture. Watch as the appearance of fine lines, acne marks, and skin discolorations diminish for maximum results in minimal time. 

Does this really need a review? I mean it’s like having a spa treatment at home, but minus the actual person who does it for you of course. But, like the lipstick, this is a toss up for me. I love the way my face/neck feels so smooth and clean when I get done using this, but is it better than a $20 exfoliator who has the same claims. Do I need it is the question? Maybe, maybe not. But, until this baby runs out, my face/neck is never going to look better. And, if I keep falling in love with this, dear all that is holy, I might (re)purchase a $80 exfoliator. HELP ME!


Small Z Palette by Z Palette – Completely customizable, this Small Z Palette, made exclusively for BOXYCHARM, features an open-faced, magnetic base that allows you to easily switch out shades and products as often as you like! This pint-size Z Palette will fit just about anywhere and fits up to 9 standard-sized round pans. 

Minus the current controversy, I actually like this palette. It’s so cute and little. It fits what I need when I travel, meaning go to school, or to the gym. If I was to travel out of town, your girl would need more than one of these or a bigger one. But, for my everyday purposes, it is perfect. 

Is the February Boxycharm box worth its price point? Yes, that and beyond. This month Boxycharm has blown my mind with all the goodies that was in the box. I would repurchase most of these products without any hesitation, I would most likely only really hesitate on the lipstick and that’s only because the drugstore has some really good lipsticks. The eyeshadow and brushes are a no brainer. And, I would definitely buy Z Palettes, would they be from Z Palette, now that is a question.

I cannot wait for next month. The sneak peeks are seriously giving me life.

Tell me below of what you received for the month of February. 


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