Sol Theory: February Spoilers

Here it is everybody, the first sneak peeks of the sunglasses 😎 that may be inside the February HERS box.

Photo Courtesy of Sol Theory

An elegant play on the butterfly style, in my opinion. They certainly bring that certain something to your collection that everybody should have. I am dying for that black pair and the purple tinted glass ones, yes please. Fingers crossed.

And, for the HIS box, we have this….

Photo Courtesy of Sol Theory

A tried and true take on the classic aviator style sunglasses 😎 with gold rim. Can I say I am kind of wishing I wish also getting the HIS box too. Aviator style sunglasses are one of my favorites and yet I still haven’t gotten any (and I’m not talking about just from Sol Theory).  Plus, 150 of their lucky subscribers will receive that energy drink from their friends at the Dollar Shots Club.

Also, for the HERS + 3 PCS Beauty Box (the one I get), subscribers will be getting….

Picture Courtesy of Sol Theory

This amazing looking contour palette by Beauty Creations Cosmetics. Looks like it comes with 5 shades and a cute little brush. This palette seems to have a variety of shades for different skin tones, a Beige, Natural, Taupe, Soft Brown, Dark Brown. I’m so excited to try this.


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