January Boxycharm: Is It Worth It?

What is Boxycharm? For those that do not know, Boxycharm is a $21 monthly subscription service (with an average of $100+ value), created by Yosef Martin. Each month you will receive 4 to 5 (sometimes 6, which can be a sample) full-size products.


The box this month’s theme is And the Charm Award Goes To….


What I Received:

For the month of January, I received 4 full-sized products and 1 deluxe size product. The full-size products I received were the Vintage Illuminating Face Highlighter Set, valued at $35, the So Susan Cosmetics Fan Brush, valued at $18.95, the Pur Cosmetics Mineral Glow Bronzer, valued at $25.00, and the Gorge Amazing Konjac Sponge, valued at $18.00. The deluxe size product I received was the English Laundry Pour Femme Deluxe Signature Rollerball, valued at $25.00.


The Products (description courtesy of Boxycharm):


Vintage Illuminating Face Highlighter Set – Add a beautiful wash of color and subtle, sexy shimmer with this limited edition illuminating face highlighter set. Wear it alone or as a beautiful highlight over pretty blush or bronzer, the reflective pearls add radiance on contact. Adding a delicate glow and diamond-like finish to the skin.


Completely in love with both of the shades (Pink Quartz & Chocolate Diamonds) in this set. They make my skin tone pop. The highlighters are not glittery but have just the right amount of shimmer to dazzle. They can either be subtle or a see me from space type highlighter depending on how much you put on.

You can find more swatches and comparison in my previous blog post.


So Susan Cosmetics Fan Brush – A versatile brush made from best quality synthetic Nylon & Taklon hairs only. 100% Cruelty-Free


It’s nice. Not overly big or small, just the right size wand, however, the brush itself is kind of thin. It does its job and picks up the product and distributes the product on the face nicely. I just wish that it wasn’t so flimsy-ish. In general, I am glad to have it, though, I wouldn’t pay the value price for it.



Pur Cosmetics Mineral Glow Bronzer – Mineral Glow’s micronized mineral powder has rich, golden undertones to add a sun-kissed contour to your complexion. A staple for PUR aficionados, use it as a quick fix bronzer for an all-year healthy glow.


Now, I am not one to use bronzer, they just look too closely to my skin tone. So, I didn’t even try this one out. I figured someone else would get a better use out of it.



Gorge Amazing Konjac Sponge – This sponge is made from l00% preservative-free konjac root. This calming, exfoliating sponge is naturally alkaline and balances the acidity of the skin’s impurities. This naturally deep-cleansing, pH balanced sponge can be used throughout the face, neck, and the delicate under eye area since it is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.


I have tried something else like this Konjac Sponge this month, and just like that one, this one just didn’t do anything for me. Maybe I am just used to harsher exfoliators, but it did not feel like it was doing anything.



English Laundry Pour Femme Deluxe Signature Rollerball (description courtesy of Macy’s) – Charming, Delicate & Elegant. Signature opens with quince, complimented by white chocolate and jasmine petals at the heart. For a purely peaceful scent, notes of orris roots, powdery musk, and sensual woods have been composed at the base.


I do not know much about perfume, other than it smells good. And, boy does this smell good. I don’t know what it is about this one exactly, but it connects with my body chemistry and creates something special. Charming, Delicate & Elegant describes it perfectly. However, I can smell the white chocolate and jasmine petals. I am definitely buying the bigger size when this runs out.




Is this month’s box worth the price? Yes, I would have to give it 4 out of 5 stars. I would even go so far as to say it was almost a 4.5 stars if only the fan brush was made just a little better. The English Laundry perfume and the Vintage Highlighter Set was more than enough to make the box worth it to me this month. I would pay full price for those 2 products, and even buy the full-size version of the perfume. And, while I wouldn’t pay full price for the fan brush, it actually does what it is supposed to do. So, I am happy to add it to my collection.
Plus, I don’t even have one. As for the bronzer, I may not use it, personal preference and all, but, that doesn’t make it a bad product. Also, I know someone who is going to love it. Therefore, it was only one real bust this month and I can live with that.


I cannot wait for next month. The sneak peeks are seriously giving me life.


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