The First Sol Theory Box Of the Year


Like every box, there are pros and cons to receiving Sol Theory. For instance, if you receive a pair of sunglasses that doesn’t fit your face, or you get a product you don’t like or cannot use then you are S.O.L (I wonder if someone already made that joke). However, being a sole internet base company with most of their consumers being from off the internet, you would think that they have taken into consideration that not every pair of sunglasses is going to fit a certain face type and made an away to combat that since their customers cannot just try them on beforehand. And, so far, I haven’t had any problems with this. They seem to be universal type sunglasses. For more information on Sol Theory check out my last post.


Nonetheless, I must say that I am in love with this month’s sunglasses. They fit my face amazingly, the color is beautiful, and it doesn’t look cheap. I absolutely hate when sunglasses look and feel cheap and horrible made or plastic-y. And these don’t, which is a huge plus. Even though I couldn’t go to a store to pick them out myself, and they aren’t something that I would have picked, I am shocked how well they fit me. And I’m not just talking about my face. They fit my style without being my style. I am so glad I have them.


As for the products, this month I received:

Spa Sister Detoxifying Bamboo Charcoal Konjac Sponge – which is supposed to be rich vitamins and naturally pH balanced, and infused with detoxifying charcoal to help draw out the impurities as it gently cleanses. With an exfoliating web-like form that flawlessly sheds away dead skin cells for a restored appearance.


Which, I cannot say it did. Maybe my face is used to harsher exfoliators, but it did not feel like it was exfoliating my skin. I had to go back in with something else.


Ardell Professional Individual Lashes – which is supposed to be “extremely natural looking lashes for everyday wear”. It is designed for people to create their own custom lash looks.


I wish I could do lashes. I cannot even do the ones with the bands. So, while I absolutely love Ardell Lashes, when I can actually get them on or have someone else to do them, receiving these don’t get me too excited. I am either going to add these to my giveaway pile or save them for a later date.


NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in LSCL12 Vintage – which is supposed to be a cream lipstick that glides on and sets into a stunning matte finish. It is a silky soft and waterproof, long-lasting lippie that creates a completely striking look with every swipe.


The one I received was in the shade Vintage. It is a perfect everyday lip color for me. It almost looks like a dark dusty rose color on me. I love the formula also. It’s opaque, quite long wearing with big tubes and reasonable priced.


Overall, was my January box with the price. Yes! I believe so. Even though I had a problem with the Konjac sponge and I may or may not use the Ardell Lashes, I feel like the sunglasses alone is worth the price and when you add the NYX Lippie it’s more the worth the price. I will say I was bummed that 2 of the products I can not/am not going to use, one is just personal preference. I know several beauty bloggers who would love to use those lashes. Sadly, I just haven’t gotten that far yet. But, now I’m wondering, what will be in my next box. And, cannot wait to see the sunnies that are going to be in there.


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