First Boxycharm of The Year 2017

Last year was amazing. Boxycharm came out swinging and didn’t stop hitting the ball out of the park. I for one cannot wait to see want is in store for this year.

Let us reminisce on 2016 (not all of last years, but you get the picture):

Now, we got some more sneak peeks to go along with the first one I did, back in mid-December of last year. The first sneak peek was of the Vintage Cosmetics Illuminating Face Highlighter Set that every charmer will be receiving. You can check out my last post about this for more details. But, here’s some more (better) pictures anyways.

Here’s some swatches, courtesy of Boxycharm, on two different skin tones.

The second sneak peek for this month, is that every charmer will either receive a Sosusan Cosmetics Fan Brush OR a Crown Brush Fan brush. I personally have never heard of the first brand, but am excited to receive either one because I don’t have one. Sad, I know.

The third sneak peek for this month, is that you will receive either a Pur Cosmetics Mineral Glow Bronzer OR Cheek Stain.


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