Bringing in The New Year: Ipsy Glambag 2017

Before we talk about the January 2017 bag, let us remember what the year 2016 was like. For me, Ipsy and I had our difference. I even thought about canceling a couple of times. But, in the end, they always had me at the next bag. You know how it is, I had FOMO real bad. Ipsy in the year 2016 in a nutshell in one word would be IMPROVEMENT.


Have you seen her sitting there across the vanity? She doesn’t really say much, But, there’s something inside her. We’ll duh, it’s all those new goodies for you to try.

This month is all about the City Babe, the Downtown Diva, the Working Lady in the place we call the “urban playground where anything can happen”. Rather you’re just going for coffee, catching the bus to school, or strutting down Hollywood Boulevard (okay, most of us wish), the contents of this month’s Glambag, METROPOLIS, have you covered.

This silver stunner was inspired by skyscrapers! Wear it uptown, downtown, or wherever you’ll be slaying this month.

Here is a sneak peek at some possible products that you might receive in this month’s Glambag. I. E. What I will be receiving.

I haven’t had the chance to try this out, but I have tried out their 3-in-1 Eyeshadow in Fantasy. Wondering if this has sort of the same concept.

Never heard of the brand, but isn’t that the best part of getting subscription service boxes/bags.

This is just the cutest brush and the detail.  I hope it works just as well.

I am always up for a new face exfoliation. The downside to this one is the lavender, I hope it doesn’t have too strong of a scent.

I actually have a Temptu Airbrush System. And I absolutely love it. I hope this lives up to their other products and works great in conjunction with the airbrush system.
(All pictures/post are credited to those they belong to.)


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