Huda Beauty Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette 

Let me start off by saying that I absolutely love Huda beauty, as a person and a brand. But, there are times when a certain product doesn’t fit your individual needs. This is that time.

Okay, so here is a quick mini review for the new Huda Rose Gold eyeshadow palette. I did a more dramatic-ish look because that is what I mostly do. The colors are beautiful. But, I feel like some of the Mattes are patchy (which you can even see on my eyes). The 3D Metal cannot be picked up with a brush, you can only use your fingers and then barely. You must use one swipe motions to get any payoff. Also, there is a lot of fallout. As for the pressed pearls, I had no problems with those two.

Overall, this palette is a bust for me and I will probably be taking it back. You can get a good look out of it because there are beautiful colors in it, however it takes a lot of work. Just one eye took over 40 minutes.

PS. For a more in depth review continue.

PSS. Excuse my eyebrows. Lol.


3D Metal: Rose Gold (rose gold), Blessed (vintage gold) Pressed Pearls: Moon Dust (astral gold illumination) Mattes: Flamingo (dashing pink), Black Truffle (decadent black), Maneater (ruthless mulberry), Henna (warm reddish-brown), Sandalwood (earthy deep tan)


Let’s continue with a more in depth review (look) with my experience with using this palette.

For starters, I did use eyeshadow primer, Urban Decay Original to be exact. I even set it with and eyeshadow on one eye and translucent powder on the other (no, I didn’t show pictures of the other eye because that eye did not come out good). The picture above is by setting the primer with an eyeshadow before starting. The eyeshadow used to set was a mixture of Sandalwood and Henna from the Rose Gold Palette. This is a normal part of my routine when I use a primer, do I wasn’t doing anything different when I was using this palette.

Then, there is also the fact that I did not try Mac Fix +, this is because the 3D Metal shadows are very soft, like movable, squishy type of soft. And, I felt like if I added the Mac Fix + it would ruin or alter the shadows and/or its texture. It is a weird type of texture to begin with and I felt that by adding that liquid base to it the Fix + might disintegrate the original texture. And, while I have seen plenty of youtubers add Fix + to the shadows, it doesn’t give the same effect as using your fingers (to me).


Final Thoughts:

I honestly think that the palette is beautiful. The colors are amazing and they speak to me personally. I generally gravitate towards these types of colors. But, I will end up taking mine back. For a few reasons.

  1. I just feel that for the price point and with all the hype that was surrounding this palette, I was suspecting to be WOWED. You know.
  2. I AM NOT A MAKEUP ARTIST. And it seems that you must be one to work with this palette.
  3. I don’t have 40 minutes in the morning to do my makeup, let alone just one eye.

I will say this; I am not trying to turn anyone off from buying this. The Rose Gold Palette just didn’t work for me and my eyelids. If you can get it to work for you and have already brought it, have it coming or played with it in stores, then form your own opinion on the palette. This is just my thoughts, opinions, and experience with/when using it. It might be different for you. I will let you know this though, Huda Beauty liquid lipsticks and I are real tight and this isn’t going to stop me from buying them.


I’ll just have to look forward to what she comes out with next.


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