Forgotten One

You use to tell me I was perfect. Your perfect girl, your whole world. When I would cry, you’ll be the one to stay up all night trying to dry my eyes. When people accused me there was nothing to verify, you always took my side. There was nothing to agonize, it was you and me against the outside. No one knew me the way you did. Or, understood the pain that was going through my head. We stayed up late at night playing, talking about anything. Got into trouble over everything. What happened? Now it’s like you don’t even remember me and I’m quite saddened. We’ve been through so much; we’ve seen too much together. We’ve passed the stormiest weather. And, when you were sick, I became a lunatic. I know I couldn’t handle the pain you were in and fled. Sitting there watching you on your deathbed. It was just too much for a 15-year-old girl to control. Exceeding the number of things my brain could process. Like it’s caught in an endless loophole. Nonetheless. When I needed you, you forgot your pain in an instant. And, was there to comfort me through one of the most difficult times of my existence. Another memory I have that only I could reminisce. However, we didn’t change. Nothing was rearranged. And, then she came. Now, it’s like you don’t even remember my name. Have you forgotten me? Am I not important to you anymore? Will I ever be? Lately, you make me feel so uncared-for. I ask you for this or to take me to that. But, she’s the one that gets it because she asks too. Do you know how much it hurts me when it’s all about “her”? You make me so mad with that shit, so I make “her” my chauffeur. She wants you to come over, she’s all about family, she wants us to spend the holidays together; I don’t give two fucks what she wants. I want you back. Was even sitting over here coming up with a counterattack. BUT, YOU LOVE “HER”. So, what am I to do? Should I just give up? Go cry boohoo? Have a blowup? Let me know. Will we ever be the way we use to? iie. She will always be more important to you. Or, the one she carries will be.


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