Today (Lately)

​Today, was a good day. I smiled and laughed. Even made it look real. Maybe I perfected this crafted. Or, maybe it’s just getting easier to conceal. You look at me everyday, yet you don’t notice what’s behind my eyes. Can’t you see that I just want to breakaway? See the worry, fear, and agonize. Help me break free. But, you can’t because it’s all on me.
Lately, I feel like the world has lost all meaning. I don’t even know how I feel anymore. The pain I feel inside has got me screaming. Crying on the floor. People say maybe I’m depressed. Discouraged. With heavy feeling pressing down on my chest. Uninterested. With not even a little courage. No one to even intrusted. Nothing has meaning anymore.  I feel little disturbed. It’s like my mind is fighting a great war. But, my heart and soul trying to emerge.  


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