March 2016 Ipsy Glam Bag


If you don’t know Ipsy is a $10 a month subscription service, created by Michelle Phan. Each month you will receive a different lovely glam bag and four to five deluxe or sample size (maybe even a full-size) products. Curated to you, by a beauty quiz you take.

For the month of March, I received a deluxe sample of ModelCo Lip Lacquer in Morocco, full-size value is $24.00, a full-size of Illamasqua Precision Eye-Liner Ink in Abyss, valued at $28.00, a full-size of Manna Kadar 3-n-1 Blush/Highlighter/ Eyeshadow in Fantasy valued at $19.00, a deluxe sample of Marc Anthony Nourishing Argan Oil of Morocco 3 Day Smooth Perfect Blow-Dry Cream, full-size value is $8.99, and a Margaret Dabbs London Super Shiner Buffer, valued at around $9.00.

The Products

ModelCo Lip Lacquer in Morocco – is supposed to be a creamy, full-coverage, long-wearing, highly pigmented lip gloss with all-day moisture. That glides on smoothly for a non-sticky, long-lasting finish. However, all I see is a super gooey lip gloss with no color. As soon as you put the lip gloss on and spread it out with the applicator, the color disappears. Also, depending on how much you put on your lips when you smack your lips together the product sticks together and creates this slimy texture when you pull your lips apart. On the plus side, it does make your lips look plump and gives you a natural pout, and also it smells great. Almost like candy raspberries, but not too strong and not too soft, perfectly in the middle. ModelCo gets a maybe. I think that if you are just looking for a nice hydrating plumping lip gloss that doesn’t hurt then I will say yes. However, for $24.00 I cannot agree with the price for this, you can find something at the drug store that is basically the same thing but with a better color pay off, but I am happy it was in my glam bag for me to try out.

Illamasqua Precision Eye-Liner Ink in Abyss – this is supposed to “create looks with an attitude that no one can ignore”. The fine tip allows for you to have a defined application. Long-lasting and waterproof. Bonus: can also be used as a nail art pen that you can seal with the Illamasqua Top Coat. Keep in mind, I prefer gel or pen liners, so I may be a little bias. Also, I have horrible precision. So, when trying to use this eyeliner my wings came out looking like something you see out of a horror movie. However, after some clean up, I can say that it wasn’t so bad. I don’t honestly know how I feel about this. I will have to play around with it some more. As for it being used as nail art, I can honestly say I like the idea, and will use it that way probably more often than as an eyeliner. Illamasqua’s gets a big fat “NOPE”. While I might get some uses out of it as nail art, but who wants to pay $28.00 for one nail art pen that you need to buy Illamasqua’s top coat also. If you cannot tell, no I am not happy with this product being in my glam bag.

Manna Kadar 3-in-1 Blush/Highlighter/Eyeshadow in Fantasy – is a pearlized powder blush, highlighter, and eyeshadow in a nude blush pink shade. It supposed to have a special light and velvet-like texture that gives it smooth and even application. I have used this as a highlighter and as an eyeshadow. I have a toffee/caramel skin color and this nude blush pinky shade looks amazing with my skin tone. I have only put this on the high points of my cheekbone and as eyeshadow, but I love it. It gives me slightly shimmery appearance. I would buy Manna Kadar 3-in-1 no doubts about it. Its versatile, the color is amazing, and I love how it looks with my skin tone. Extremely pleased that it was in my glam bag.

Now I am going, to be honest with you, the last 2 products I haven’t tried and probably not going to. Here’s why:

Marc Anthony Nourishing Argan Oil of Morocco 3 Day Smooth Perfect Blow-Dry Cream – its supposed to help you achieve smooth “unwanted puffiness and frizz for up to 3 days”. I have natural hair, which basically means I don’t put heat in my hair that means I don’t blow-dry, curl or flat-iron my hair. So, I have no use for this type of product. Will I ever use it, no, I will end up giving it to someone who can.

Margaret Dabbs London Super Shiner Buffer – is supposed to be some type of highly effective crystal technology that set it apart from all the rest. It will give instant shine and illuminate your nails that give them a healthy and shiny sheen. That’s sounds all good and all, but I am very low maintenance when it come to my nails. I usually don’t do anything to them unless I am going to a special event, and even then I prefer to get them done professionally. This type of product has no meaning to me and I won’t ever use it. I also don’t have any friends who can about using stuff like this either, so it’s a waste.

What it comes down to, is the fact, is this month Ipsy worth its price. Yes, while there are 2 products (Marc Anthony & Margaret Dabbs London) I won’t use and 1 product (Illamasqua) I just pretty much hated, the other 2 products (ModelCo & Manna Kadar) I can see myself using, and think that they are worth more than $10 price of Ipsy.

I look forward to next month glam bag.


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